How to Keep Your Lawn Mower Tires in Great Shape
You probably haven’t thought all that much about your lawn mower tires, but they deserve your attention at least twice a year. Specifically, at the beginning of the mowing season (typically in the spring) and at the end of the summer when fall weather rolls in and you’re getting ready
4 Best Cordless Tools For The Advanced DIYer
The best cordless tools add convenience to any project for DIY fans, all without detracting from efficiency or capability at the moments you need them most. The ability to work in almost any environment without having to worry about being tangled up in a cord, or even where the location
Different Types Of Spark Plugs: Which One Is Right For Your Car?
There are many different types of spark plugs on the market, and the lineup includes choices made with materials ranging from humble copper to pricey platinum. This means you have a decision to make when choosing spark plugs for your car. Typically, the type of vehicle you drive will play
How To Replace A Headlight Bulb Or Assembly
Vision, four-fifths of our perception, is one of our most important abilities. While driving, your eyes sweep the road for danger, but dusk, night, dawn, rain, and fog are difficult situations to see and be seen in. Knowing how to replace a headlight keeps you and others safe on the
Quiz: Metric vs. Standard Bolts. Do You Know The Difference?
If you’re tooling around with a wrench set in the U.S., you’ve probably cross-threaded a bolt or two, thinking it was a standard when actually you had a metric in your hand. It happens. With the metric system being adopted (almost) everywhere else in the world and the U.S. stubbornly
When to Use Your Emergency Brake: Car Myths Debunked
All vehicles have two brake systems. The “service brake” is the primary brake system, the one that activates when you step on the brake pedal. A booster amplifies the force, sending hydraulic pressure to the brakes at each wheel. The secondary brake system is independent of the hydraulic brake system,