Looking for the best car battery? Here are 4 great options
Looking for the best car battery? Car batteries last for years, but sooner or later you’ll need a replacement. Odyssey PC680 Battery – $128.99 Claims to have a 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries. Optima YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery – $232.99 Great for trucks with winches
5 great floor mats for your car | Autoblog's Favorites
Mud, water, snow … your car’s floor sees it all. Over time the elements can really take their toll on the car’s appearance. Here are 5 mats designed to take some wear and tear, and help keep your car’s carpet clean and dry. Custom Accessories Armor All – $29.99 Weather-proof
Looking for the best auto emergency kit?
Looking for the best emergency kit for your car? Here are a handful of Autoblog’s favorites. Always Prepared Roadside Emergency – $39.99 Includes items like a heavy-duty tow rope, a window breaker, and an accident report form. Kolo Sports Premium Auto Emergency Kit – $42.79 This kit claims to be
5 great windshield cleaners | Autoblog's Favorites
Looking for the best glass cleaner to keep your windshield spotless? Here are our top recommendations to keep your windows shiny and clean. Stoner Invisible Glass – $14.60 (2-pack) Possibly the most well-known brand of glass cleaner and for good reason. Solid all around. Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner –
How To Replace Your Spark Plugs | Autoblog Wrenched
Spark plugs are the heart of your car’s ignition system. If yours are worn out, new ones can dramatically improve your performance. See how to replace them here. Watch all of our Autoblog Wrenched videos for more tips on how to diagnose, fix, and modify cars from professional detailer Larry
How to clean your car radio | Autoblog Details
Electrical components in your vehicle are extra sensitive to aggressive cleaning products and excessive liquid being used, especially on touchscreen displays found on many of today’s vehicles. Find out how to clean and maintain those sensitive components on this episode of Autoblog Details. Watch all our Autoblog Details videos for