Why the weekend tradition of car waxing has been waning
Decreases in demand, small competitive boutiques, and new market-altering technologies have knocked traditional car care companies on their heels. As the consumer audience has shifted in both demographic and attitude, the industry has been forced to try to keep up by adopting new marketing strategies, introducing new products, and informing
2019 Subaru Forester Touring Long-Term Update | Wet carpet
I hadn’t been doing much driving, so the Forester had spent a good chunk of the rainy/snowy spring week relaxing in my driveway. Finally, it came time to pick up a birthday dinner — Indian food, curbside to-go. As soon as I sat down, I noticed something new: a small
These are the automakers least likely to flash a check engine light
slide-2226262 Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz How often will you see the dreaded check engine light? An illuminated check engine light can mean a lot of things, many of them relatively minor and inexpensive to repair. Of course, the dreaded CEL could also be the first indication of a major problem. In
Everything you should know about paying for a car wash
A trip to the neighborhood car wash presents car owners with choices: the basic wash; the better wash with “a special paint sealer” or some-such thing; and finally the pristine treatment with rust inhibitor. Which do you choose? Do these extra offerings have any validity? Let’s find out. I built
Top 10 brands with the lowest repair cost to fix a check engine light
slide-2225317 Image Credit: Kia The cost of the dreaded check engine light Everyone is familiar with the dreaded check engine light, and, unfortunately, those who have experienced it are just as familiar with the sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach as they contemplate what it means. There’s obviously
Hyundai extends warranties that were ending during coronavirus lockdown
Hyundai is known for the length and strength of its warranties, and for a select group of owners, their coverage is about to get just a tad bit sweeter. As part of the company’s response to the current heath and financial crises that have resulted from the pandemic, Hyundai announced