Best tools you need to quickly evaluate a used car
Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. It wasn’t long ago that the 50,000-mile mark separated a good used car from one that had been excessively chewed on. Now, who needs to roll back an odometer? Sam
Report: Oil-burning engines a problem for Subarus, Acuras, Audis, more
You might expect to see clouds of blue smoke emanating from the tailpipe of a broken-down hooptie, but surprisingly, excessive oil consumption is also an issue with some late-model vehicles from several different manufacturers. This is according to Consumer Reports, whose reliability surveys identified the issue in 12 different engines
Biden orders new ‘right-to-repair’ rules for consumers
President Joe Biden will direct the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to draft new rules aimed at stopping manufacturers from limiting consumers’ ability to repair products at independent shops or on their own, a person familiar with the plan said. While the agency will ultimately decide the size and scope of
Female car repair shop owner blazes a trail in UAE
SHARJAH — Huda al-Matroushi is one of few Emirati women to venture into the car repair business, an industry that has long been dominated by men in the Arab world. “I enjoy it a lot,” says Matroushi, holding up her oil-stained work glove. “Because I’m on top of my job,
Firestone now makes house calls for vehicle maintenance
There are more than 2,200 brick-and-mortar Firestone Auto Care locations across the country, but the tire giant has been quietly rolling out a program that frees you from having to go into one of those stores. Called Firestone Direct, it takes vehicle maintenance and tire service on the road, with