Trying to stay warm on your commute? | 5 winter driving accessories
Beat the winter with these 5 car care accessories. 1. Sometimes even the walk to the car is too much. This might make it more bearable. Tough Headwear BalaclavaBuy it here on Amazon – $12.95 2. The brush removes heavy snow and the 4″ wide scraper blade can clear thick
Your steering wheel is 4 times dirtier than a public toilet seat, study shows
It’s become relatively known that there is poop on nearly every common surface. Television remotes, cellphones, door handles, microwave buttons, shoelaces, tons of things that are a regular part of daily life are all much nastier than one might realize. But a recent study details that some things are significantly
Autoblog's three favorite car jacks
Need to change a tire? The right car jack can make the job easier. A car jack is used to raise the axle of a vehicle off the ground so that a wheel can be changed. 1. A jack with a 3 ton capacity featuring fast lift technology. Blackhawk B6350
2019 Ford Ranger oil change procedure contains an extra step: wheel removal
Performing general maintenance on modern vehicles can be a serious pain sometimes. It gets even worse for supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan and Bugatti Veyron. Changing the oil on one of those is a full day’s work and then some. The other day, The Truth About Cars obtained some documents
Tesla sinks nearly to the bottom of Consumer Reports reliability survey
DETROIT — Tesla Inc’s high-end Model S sedan lost its “recommended” rating and the electric carmaker slid overall by six spots to almost the bottom in Consumer Reports magazine’s annual reliability survey. Every domestic automaker landed in the bottom half of the magazine’s new-car reliability rankings, which include data collected
Looking for the best automotive clear coat?
Touching up your vehicle’s clear coat can be a fun and rewarding challenge. Keep in mind, touching up your own clear coat can lead to disastrous results if you don’t know what you’re doing. As long as you’re sure you know what to do and you’re ready to choose a