Elliott Finishes Eighth in Second Duel at Daytona
Chase Elliott and the No. 9 NAPA AUTO PARTS team will start 18th in the 61st running of the Daytona 500 after finishing eighth in the second Duel of the night at Daytona International Speedway. Elliott and the NAPA team started the second Duel of Thursday evening the front row
6 Reasons to Recycle a Car Battery
There are some compelling reasons to recycle a car battery. While these batteries are harmless under the hood of your vehicle, they can be tremendously damaging to the environment if not properly discarded. Below, we’ll share six reasons for recycling this critical automotive component. Why Recycle Your Car’s Battery? Recycling
Can You Clean an Oxygen Sensor?
An oxygen sensor is an important part of your vehicle’s emission control system. Simply put, an oxygen sensor measures the amount of emissions released from your vehicle and sends that information to your car’s management computer located within the engine. Your car has at least two sensors, and when one
Car cleaning accessories for under $20
These products are great for keeping both your interior and exterior shiny and clean. 1. This duster is made out of cotton and plastic, and features strong water absorption. Multi-functional car dusterPurchase here on Amazon – $7.35 2. This mitt is designed for any sized hand, it’s extra absorbent, and
Using Snow Tires: Are Two Snow Tires Enough?
In northern climes, winter typically brings freezing temperatures, which can turn benign precipitation into deadly slippery road conditions. Summer tires and some all-season tires aren’t flexible enough for cold-weather traction. Using snow tires, made of softer compounds, can restore vital traction so you can drive even when the roads are
Kraus Wins NASCAR K&N East Opener At New Smyrna
Derek Kraus made his mark on this year’s NASCAR Speedweeks by winning the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season opener at New Smyrna Speedway on Monday night. Kraus made a thrilling three-wide pass for the lead, then pulled away for the win. Kraus was running third in the Bill McAnally Racing