Why your car door won’t lock or unlock properly
Just because power locks are now standard on even the lowliest entry-level econoboxes doesn’t mean there are fewer problems with your car’s most basic security feature. In fact, the presence of keyless entry means there are even more parts lurking within the depths of your car than there would have
Least reliable car companies in America
When looking to buy a car, reliability is important, but it’s one of the harder things for car reviewers like us to evaluate. Thankfully, Consumer Reports polls its subscribers annually in order to judge which brands and models are the least likely to have issues. CR also tracks the least
How to change your car’s spark plugs
Spark plugs are a vital part of a gasoline-powered car’s engine. Without them the engine won’t start, and if they’re in rough shape the engine will run poorly. Nearly all gasoline-powered cars are fitted with spark plugs, regardless of whether you drive a new Porsche 911 or a 1990s Toyota
Best tools you need to quickly evaluate a used car
Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. It wasn’t long ago that the 50,000-mile mark separated a good used car from one that had been excessively chewed on. Now, who needs to roll back an odometer? Sam
Most reliable cars in America
For many people, the absolute worst thing they could experience with a car is for it to break or have a problem. The good news is there are cars that will ease the anxiety of their owners with infrequent trips to the shop. According to Consumer Reports, using data from
Porsche ‘digital twin’ can predict when your car will need service
Wouldn’t it be better if your car could recommend service based on when you’re likely to need it, not just a fixed schedule? It just might. Porsche is developing a “digital twin” (that is, a virtual copy) that helps predict service requirements based on driving styles. Algorithms can parse a