How Are Car Battery Ratings Determined?
If you’re shopping for a new car battery, replacing the original battery with the same one is the easiest option. But even if you’re just swapping it out with a newer version, it’s important to understand car battery ratings — what they mean and how they make a difference. Check
How to Solder Wires: Tips And Tricks For Making A Solid Connection
When it comes to working on your vehicle’s electrical system, even seasoned professionals get frustrated. Intermittent problems, under-dash harnesses that look like spaghetti, and years of patches and “get it home” fixes, usually just make things worse. In our experience, about 90% of all electrical issues turn out to be
What Causes a Squeaky Belt on a Car?
What’s that sound? Your vehicle, which usually purrs like a kitten, has started squeaking like a mouse. If it happens when your car is running, but not moving, it’s most likely an issue with a belt. What Causes a Squeaky Belt on a Car? In newer vehicles, apart from the
How to Clean Windshields: Removing Winter Road Salt
If you don’t know how to clean windshields, then now is the time to learn. The winter months bring ice and freezing temperatures, and with it, lots of road salt. It gets everywhere from your floor mats to your shoes and your windshield where it can obscure your vision of
Can I Put Synthetic Oil in My Car?
If you’ve always used conventional oil when you get an oil change, you might have wondered, “Can I put synthetic oil in my car?” Although, the question you should really be asking is, “Why wouldn’t I put synthetic oil in my car?” Can I Put Synthetic Oil in My Car?
Elliott, NAPA Team Post Third Fastest Time in Daytona 500 Qualifying
Chase Elliott and the No. 9 NAPA AUTO PARTS team posted the third-fastest time in Daytona 500 qualifying Sunday afternoon at Daytona International Speedway. As a result, Elliott will start second in Thursday night’s Duel No. 1, which will officially set the lineup for next Sunday’s 62nd running of the