Dealing With Ford P0401 Code Issues
The Ford EGR Pressure Feedback system is known for persistent P0401 EGR low flow code issues. Bear in mind, low flow can be caused by several issues. The most common issue is the failure of the EGR Pressure Feedback sensor commonly known as the DPFE sensor. If the diaphragm in
Noisy Brakes: Telltale Signs of Trouble You Shouldn’t Ignore
Wouldn’t it be great if our cars told us when something is wrong? In a way, they already do. Modern cars have instrument panels with dozens of symbols and warning indicators. These notify you of basic issues, like the windshield washer fluid is low, as well as possibly dangerous problems.
Hot Savings From NAPA – 10% Off Sitewide
Looking to save on quality parts? You’ve come to the right place. From November 7th to 14th you can save 10% off online orders with coupon code THANKU10. START WITH THESE TOP SELLING CATEGORIES Store participation and discount may vary. Exclusions apply. Offer valid 11/7-11/14. May not be combined with
Frost Fix: A DIY Guide to Window Defroster Repair
A functioning defrosting system is key to getting around on a frozen morning. Some of the issues that require defroster repair are more in depth than the scope of this article and may require the assistance of a seasoned mechanic, but there are a few common defroster problems that can
Let’s Talk Gasoline Injection: What Is GDI?
So you might know a bit about the combustion process, but how familiar are you with the nitty-gritty details surrounding systems of gasoline injection? We’ve come a long way from the carburetor, but even with today’s advanced methods of fuel delivery, nothing’s perfect. Let’s get into specifics of the popular
NAPA Knows New Cars: 2020 Jeep Gladiator
(Editor’s Note: Welcome to NAPA Knows New Cars with the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland 4×4. This is not your normal new car review. This series focuses more on the nuts & bolts of the vehicle that are not usually covered by other outlets. The intention is to inform, not endorse.