Why Is Green Fluid Leaking From a Car?
Imagine it’s a beautiful, sunny day and you’re in a good mood. As you walk up to your car, you notice a green puddle underneath it. Uh-oh. What could green fluid leaking from a car mean? This shouldn’t take too much detective work to figure out, as the only green
Front Brakes vs Rear Brakes – What’s the Difference?
Is there a difference between front brakes vs rear brakes? The front brakes are in the front, and the rear brakes are in the rear. That’s all you need to know, right? Perhaps, on the most basic level, that would be “correct,” but entirely misleading. The front brakes vs rear
2019 Subaru Forester Touring Long-Term Update | Wet carpet
I hadn’t been doing much driving, so the Forester had spent a good chunk of the rainy/snowy spring week relaxing in my driveway. Finally, it came time to pick up a birthday dinner — Indian food, curbside to-go. As soon as I sat down, I noticed something new: a small
A Guide to RV Tire Pressure For Safety And Longer Tire Life
Recreational vehicles are an exciting way to move around the country, bringing the comforts of home to the open road. The RV life saves you from booking hotels and finding restaurants, giving you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. But with great freedom comes great responsibility,
What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid? Understanding Modern Diesel Vehicles
You’ve probably seen diesel exhaust fluid on the shelf at your local gas station or auto parts store, and wondered what it was for. Or if you own a modern diesel car or truck, you may have even had your dealer tell you that this fluid (also known as DEF)
These are the automakers least likely to flash a check engine light
slide-2226262 Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz How often will you see the dreaded check engine light? An illuminated check engine light can mean a lot of things, many of them relatively minor and inexpensive to repair. Of course, the dreaded CEL could also be the first indication of a major problem. In