5 Things Plow Drivers Should Keep in Their Truck
While everyone else is warm and cozy inside during a snowstorm, plow drivers are out clearing highways, driveways and parking lots, so that others can drive safely. They’re on the road for hours at a time in the worst weather conditions, which means they need to be prepared for a
What Is a Brake Booster And Why Do You Need One?
Asking “what is a brake booster” takes you to the heart of how modern braking technology works under your vehicle’s hood. Once upon a time, drivers had to rely on very basic mechanical braking setups that channeled the foot’s force on a pedal to each corner’s stopper. Luckily, today’s cars
Winter Woes: How to Open a Frozen Car Door Quickly
Winter weather produces peaceful, snowy vistas — and frigid temperatures that freeze your car’s doors. If you wake up to find your car door has been frozen shut by winter’s chill, don’t panic; there are steps you can take to open a frozen car door without damaging it in 15
Diesel Fuel and Cold Weather: What You Need to Know
Modern diesel engine technology makes starting a vehicle in cold weather much less of a challenge than it once was. Yet, when temperatures drop below freezing, diesel-powered vehicles suffer the same fate as their gasoline-powered counterparts: They’re simply harder to start. Preparing your car for extreme cold is important to
This cleaning gel is the bestselling car detailing product on Amazon
Keeping your car interior clean is a constant challenge. Even the most diligent among us cut corners on your average car wash and interior scrub down. Sure, maybe you vacuumed the seats and picked up the receipts off the floor, but did you really do everything you could? One of
Airless tire makers hope for breakout moment with autonomous driving
TOKYO — Makers of airless tires such as Japan’s Bridgestone Corp. hope driverless cars will herald a breakthrough for their niche technology, which is more than a decade old but underperforms standard tires in every way except resistance to puncture. Autonomous driving — and the eventual introduction of self-driving taxis