These are the cars most likely to have major powertrain problems
slide-2237941 Image Credit: Audi Why you may want to avoid these particular automobiles Modern cars and trucks are almost impossibly complex mechanical creations and are faster, safer and more efficient than ever before. But that doesn’t mean relatively new vehicles are completely without their fair share of problems. Many automobile
GM won't sell C8 Chevy Corvette structural parts to independent shops
After 67 years of front-engined performance, new Chevrolet Corvette owners are going to have to get used to mid-engined dynamics, and some of them are going to do that by running into things. The first C8 Corvette crash happened last August, before serial production began. This chewed-on Corvette showed up
Why the weekend tradition of car waxing has been waning
Decreases in demand, small competitive boutiques, and new market-altering technologies have knocked traditional car care companies on their heels. As the consumer audience has shifted in both demographic and attitude, the industry has been forced to try to keep up by adopting new marketing strategies, introducing new products, and informing
Front-End Suspension Parts Quiz: Are You A Pro or No?
A vehicle’s suspension system is the first line of defense against abnormal driving conditions and normal wear and tear. Cars need to be responsive, reliable and durable for the long haul, and this all rests on the suspension — literally. Front-end suspension varies from rear-end suspension by model, but let’s
Is a Home Garage Car Lift System Right for You?
Remember your first toolkit and how you couldn’t stop tinkering with it? Did that hobby eventually show that you were skilled at DIYing your car upgrades and maintenance, so you bought more advanced tools and took on more ambitious projects? If so, you’ve likely reached the point where just putting
NASCAR Is Back: Elliott Scores Career-Best Finish at Darlington Raceway
Chase Elliott and the NAPA AUTO PARTS team finished fourth in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Darlington Raceway after overcoming a mid-race speeding penalty and challenging track conditions. As NASCAR returned after a two-month hiatus, Elliott rolled off the grid in the 11th position and was inside the top